2011 Project365 (day 12)

12th January 2011

Tonight’s dinner. It was yummy 🙂

I was thinking how posting a photo a day means I don’t need to post much of any great substance. But I realised today just how tired I am, so for the most part insubstantial is about all I can cope with right now.

Today I had my introductory session at Uni #6 (the sexual health nursing course) and I suddenly thought “I just can’t do this now”. I am now seeking to withdraw – the programme leader is leaving at the end of this first module and there is apparently no guarantee that the other two modules will be run at all after she has gone. There is another university locally which does a similar course, it’s not as convenient but is doable, but I think I am going to have a break and if I still want to do it apply there for September. I was annoyed that we hadn’t been told till then that the other modules may well not run, and also that when I got there I discovered I was supposed to have received a ton of stuff from them with information about how to register, join the library etc and I’ve not received a single thing of those. The whole thing has been so farcical I have really lost all confidence in them, and I also found myself just thinking where on earth am I going to find time to revise for my PhD viva? Faced with the reality of it all, on top of what I’m already doing, I just have to be realistic. I am just so very very tired. I feel very relieved at the decision.

In other news, I have had a bit of a stressful time with the car. Having bought it on Saturday, yesterday it wouldn’t start and was making rather alarming noises. The bloke from the RAC jumpstarted it and charged the battery, and I took it to a garage who gave it a new battery. It drove home absolutely fine, only this morning when I went to drive to work it was dead as a dodo again. I was NOT happy. I left it for the garage to pick up again and had to walk to the subway to get to my clinic (late), only for the garage to call me about half an hour later to say there was nothing wrong with it! It turned out I hadn’t put it correctly into ‘park’ mode (having never owned an automatic before I had no idea this was an issue), and when that’s the case they don’t start. Luckily for me the garage didn’t charge me anything today! When I told HD later he looked a bit sheepish and said “oh yeah …” (his last car before we got married, Bessie, was an automatic and the same thing had apparently happened to him once). I wish he’d remembered this morning before I called the garage! Anyway, it meant that the grand naming has been delayed, but I’ll decide by the weekend.

So there we are. Nothing of major import, but my world right now. I am running on empty a bit, but other than that am fine. I have applied for another OU tutoring position, and have spotted a part-time job which is a way away but doable-commutable so am going to apply for that. I think not being a health visitor would help my tiredness a lot.

3 thoughts on “2011 Project365 (day 12)

  1. ((hugs)) be gentle with yourself, you.

    On the good news front, the nice breakdown man got Ludwig started yesterday. The less good news is that because he’s not run for so long, the autochoke is playing up and he’s ticking over at far too high a rate of revs. I drove him around for an hour or so, but it didn’t come down. I think he needs to go see the other nice man at the garage…

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