2011 Project365 (day30) and Celtic Connections (gig #4)

30th January 2011

So, it’s the final day of Celtic Connections today, and we finished today with THE gig of the festival (and all the others we’ve been to were brilliant, but I’m just home from this one and am still buzzing). The Waterboys are a band I loved in the early 90s and always regretted that they split up before I got the chance to see them live. Well now they’re back (different line-up, but Mike Scott still the frontman), and this gig showcased 20 new songs based on the poetry of WB Yeats. The opening song was absolutely classic Waterboys, as were a few of the others; others of the songs I think will repay a few more listens but I liked them all. There was a mildly irritating drunk woman near us who kept yelling out that she wanted them to sing “When will we be married” (despite the fact that the concert was advertised as being of new songs) in the gaps after a number of the songs, but I guess it all adds to the atmosphere. For the encore they did do some of the old favourites – The Stolen Child, Don’t Bang the Drum, and The Whole of the Moon – and the place erupted.

It has to be said, Mike Scott really does still have ‘it’. What an AMAZING gig.

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