Non-photographic things happening in my world

One of the things about posting daily photos is that I can be lazier in blogging – yes the photography is a discipline (which I am really really enjoying) but I want to make sure I keep myself up with what’s going on, as I do occasionally like to look back at my archives and see where I was at, and how far I’ve come (or not, as the case may be).

My PhD viva is coming up very soon. I don’t want to say when till it’s over, as I don’t want to make an enormous fuss prior to the event, but in the meantime, eeeek. From the end of this week I will be going offline for a while till it’s over (will keep taking pictures, but need to get away from non-thesis-related internet for a while).

HD has a job interview soon, which if he’s successful will require some changes to our life. More on that once he’s had it and we know the results. In the meantime, I have a job to apply for too, the closing date is this coming week. I have also applied for some more OU courses to tutor, if I’m not successful with anything else but can get more OU work then I am seriously thinking of stopping health visiting (permanent health visiting, at any rate) and doing OU and supplementing it with bank nursing.

We have a holiday coming up soon too (thank goodness) – HD’s brother is getting married, HD is the best man, so we will be taking a few days before the wedding for a holiday prior to the big celebrations. I can’t wait.

I am meant to be finishing the first draft of a book chapter by the end of this month. Quite when I’ll have time I’m not entirely sure, but hopefully I’ll get something not too scrappy to them. Apart from all the other things going on, I can feel a journal article brewing on a subject which is more interesting to me right now (have spent much of this evening trawling the Moldovan online news), but I’m going to have to put that to one side.

I am doing my first telephone conference tutorial for some of my OU students this week – that’s going to be interesting (she says, not really sure about it, but hey). Before then I have 5 or 6 essays still to mark, and a tutorial to prepare for Saturday. There really is no rest for the wicked. No wonder all I want to do on my Friday day off is sleep and veg out!

Never before has the tagline for this blog felt so elusive …. I think my number 1 priority for April is to rest and enjoy myself, in fact I think I ought to spontaneously schedule it into my diary.

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