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After I posted about my successful viva, Karin asked in the comments if I would be changing the name of this blog. I remember a year and something ago (probably before I got the year’s extension, so thinking I would have finished over a year ago) I did muse about that and even asked for suggestions, but didn’t do very much about it as I ended up taking over a year longer than I meant to to finish, and also because I thought once I’d finished I’d be doing the family planning nursing course so I’d still be a student for another year and a half after that. However, now that I’m not doing that course (and, the very thought of a complicated course and writing essays and all that for something new still leaves me cold so won’t be happening any time soon) and the PhD is finished, it probably does make sense to rename the blog, to finally mark my passage out of formal studentdom. My blog birthday is coming up soon (April 5th), and as that is a couple of weeks before I need to get my corrections in it seems like as good a time as any to switch over. But what to?

The last time I talked about this, the one suggestion I quite liked was “Unfinished Symphony” which seemed to capture the ongoing continuous learning/developing kind of idea, as well as being a wee nod to my ancient and thoroughly neglected music degree. But I’m not 100% sure, so I thought that I would open it up to suggestions from my lovely creative readers to see if they had any other suggestions ……. I won’t promise to use any of them, but even if I don’t they might spark off some random tangent in my own imagination to come up with a new name. Over to you then 🙂

3 thoughts on “(Re)Name That Blog

  1. the maturing journey
    aspiring blueprint
    the designed pattern
    designing the pattern
    these are the days of my life
    maturing like a fine wine
    the endeavor
    the maturing endeavor
    the web’s strand
    pattern weaving
    calculated risk
    accomplishing feats

    (happy birthday! …and celebrating all of the amazing feats you’ve recently accomplished!)

  2. I’m afraid I’m not creative enough to help but I do like ‘Unfinished Symphony’.

    You could change your tag line to the title – ‘Got a real life and doing normal stuff’ Not very poetic though. Prefer your suggestion – or infact Rain’s suggestions.

    I have no idea why I’ve written this, I have added nothing.

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