‘Unfinished Symphony’

So, here we are. My blog’s 7th birthday, and I think about time for a change. I’ve changed the title and the theme (still trying a few themes out, but I like this plain one and think it’s good for photos), and once my thesis corrections are in (hopefully in the next fortnight) that’ll be studentdom over and done with for a good long while.

And to all those who over the years have found my blog by searching for ‘maturest sex’, this blog *still* isn’t what you’re looking for.

5 thoughts on “‘Unfinished Symphony’

  1. well let me be the first to congratulate you! You must be up late and I’m up (relatively) early :).

    7 years is a big journey and my goodness you’ve done a lot in that time!

    The next 7 years, stepping out of being a student and putting some stuff to work, should be very interesting!!!!

    Yay you!!!!!

  2. Happy blog birthday. And congratulations on the last seven years. Here’s to the next seven.

    I must go looking for the post, sometime, that lured me away from where I was blogging, to the Wibsite. (It had pictures of clarinets, I remember getting very excited by.) Possibly aided by the fact I was off work, ill, for five weeks or so, and I read several Wiblogs in their entirety during that time.

  3. Happy blog birthday – just saw this a bit late, it’ll be very weird to no longer be a student, especially once we’ve graduated 🙂

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