2011 Project365 (day100)

10th April 2011

So we’re 100 days into 2011 – time is really flying. Today I went up to uni to work on my thesis corrections in the library, this is a picture from a bit further down the road of the tower of the university main building, with the occupied Free Hetherington building in the foreground (you can just see a banner over the entrance, right of the picture). The Hetherington building used to be the club for postgrads and mature students, but was closed by the university more than a year ago, but has been occupied by students since February this year in protests against the cuts the university is planning on making. Things came to a head in March when the university extremely heavy-handedly tried to evict them using goodness knows how many of Strathclyde Police, since when they have apologised and allowed the occupation to continue. There’s a rather idealistic piece by two of the protesters here.

I’ve made a good dent in my corrections, and reckon with a couple more evening’s work I should have more or less got them done. The deadline is 18th April, so I’m pleased it’s not too last-minute (relatively!). I’ve also seen a couple of jobs I might apply for, and as usual there are essays waiting for marking. No rest for the wicked! 🙂

One thought on “2011 Project365 (day100)

  1. Dear Doctor, I hope the corrections will be finished soon. You will forgive me for pointing out another one: evenings’ – not evening’s.
    (Had you been writing about tree surgery or damming rivers, I would have let it go 😉 )

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