2011 Project365 (day111)

21st April 2011

It’s been a good day today. It’s my last day at work till May as I have next week off (and I will be taking it off properly, will be offline and all sorts), I heard that I was successful in the phone interview I had on Tuesday for some more OU tutoring (officially I am confirmed as ‘appointable’, they won’t be able to let me know if I will actually be appointed till much nearer the time when they know student numbers, but that is par for the course so I’m happy), and this evening I came back to the news that my thesis corrections have been accepted (I just need to correct 4 typos which crept in, having already corrected the hundreds that were already there). And then I went onto facebook to see that another of my departmental colleagues passed his viva today too. So here’s a book that neither of us will be needing any more! 🙂