2011 Project365 (day141)

21st May 2011

Today I did a 5 hour revision tutorial for one of my OU modules, in conjunction with a couple of other tutors. We all started at the same time and were observed teaching by our line manager, which was a bit daunting (but luckily they didn’t tell us about this till yesterday so we didn’t have time to panic!). It went fine and we have all passed our probation period which is good.

The weather is really unpredictable at the moment. Before leaving I looked out the back and it was grey skies and gloom so I put on my big coat. I left the flat out the front door to find blue skies and sun, and nearly went back to change to a lighter coat. Thank goodness I didn’t because when I left the tutorial I was well and truly greeted by the rain. I did a (mercifully short) shopping trip to pick up an outfit for graduation, and this is the view pulling out of Central Station over the river this afternoon.

In honour of the town and the weather, here is a Glasgow classic song for you: Raintown.

2 thoughts on “2011 Project365 (day141)

  1. Thanks for the Deacon Blue link – one of my favourite bands. Somewhat predictably, my favourite song is “Dignity”…I once did a great school assembly based round the song!!! We’ve seen them live a couple of times as well.

  2. I love ‘Fergus Sings the Blues’. Ricky Ross now presents a couple of programmes on Radio Scotland, and I think lives fairly near here, I heard he attends a church not too far from here.

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