2011 Project365 (day143)

23rd May 2011

Today Scotland has been battered by gale force winds, as well as some hefty rain at times. Reports say some parts of the country got winds of over 100mph. It’s been very scary driving around I have to say! On the way home I saw a couple of large trees upended and leaning in a couple of front gardens, so I dread to think what’s happened to the houses. And then this is very near us – the tree is on the edge of Queen’s Park, and has fallen right across the road. I didn’t get any closer – I’m not sure if the car on the left was hit by the tree or if it just missed it. I’ve just heard the M8 is at a standstill, and most ferries have been cancelled, so do pray for all those stranded, particularly those stuck in cars with no facilities. I know it’s not like the horrific snow we had in December, but unlike May here usually this month has been quite cold, I know I for one am grateful to be indoors and safe.

4 thoughts on “2011 Project365 (day143)

  1. I heard announcements at Birmingham New Street, as I was on my way home, about trains not going further north than Preston tonight.. so lots of prayers for all from me.

  2. Eek. I know the overhead lines were down in Partick, so local trains weren’t running. Fortunately (so far) we’ve just got lots of leaves and small bits of arboreal debris around the place – nothing like this!

  3. We were promised all sorts of wind and rain down in London and so far its been yet another boring sunny day 🙁

  4. That was a pretty serious storm. I had heard on the news that it was a bit windy in Scotland, but no real details.

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