2011 Project365 (day145) / The Gallery week 60

25th May 2011

It’s been ages since I took a picture and posted on the Gallery, hosted by Tara at Sticky Fingers. The Gallery (for the uninitiated) is a weekly photo challenge where you post up a picture related to the weekly theme. This week the theme is My Backyard. To see all the other blogs taking part this week click on the Gallery logo up above next to the picture.

Those of you who read this blog in its early days might remember photos of my beautiful garden in London. How the mighty have fallen (sigh). I am posting this today, of my bit of the back court here in Glasgow, to shame myself into doing something about it. I was heartbroken to leave the London garden, having built it up from nothing, and then when I moved here where there was just a communal back court I was really sad (despite loving the Stately Pile – I’ll be sad when we move from here too). I did at least manage to bring up my various pots with me and array them under my kitchen window, so for a while I did still have a bit of colour and some fresh herbs and bulbs and whathaveyou and I could still enjoy the garden even at a much lower level of activity. For 3 or 4 years they pretty much thrived on neglect (living in the west of Scotland the pots drying out was never an issue, so they could quite happily just get on with growing as they wished). Unfortunately the last couple of winters killed off nearly everything – all my herbs, my two oleanders (woe!) and the strawberries. For some reason the winters had absolutely no effect on the weeds, which this year have gone mad. I’m pleased that the forget-me-nots spread, but am really embarrassed that the paving slabs are so full of rotten leaves and moss that the forget-me-nots have grown there quite happily! There’s also an enormous bramble and goodness knows what else taking over as well.

Now that my OU course is nearly over and I will have my day off a week to myself, one of the things I really want to do is sort out this area. We will probably be moving somewhere bigger at some point in the relatively near future (hopefully), so this may be our last summer here. I think I’ll get hold of a bag of compost, new herb bushes and a load of cheap bedding plants and hopefully have a final summer of colour and beauty.