2011 Project365 (day177)

26th June 2011

This morning we ummed and aahhed about whether or not to go to Solas for the day – the weather was better than forecast, and we had a nice day when we went to the first festival last year, but in the end we decided that there wasn’t enough on that we wanted to see to make it worth spending the money on tickets as well as getting there (if Stanley Odd had been on today rather than yesterday that probably would have tipped the balance). So instead we’ve had a not particularly exciting day, but did manage to get to the recycling place (I know, we’re so rock-n-roll), and then I went to the Tramway Theatre and Hidden Gardens for a cup of tea as I find it quite a good place to do non-pressured writing. I managed to both check and comment on a colleague’s essay (the downside of being academic! Though I didn’t mind, I’m glad to help), write out my rough draft of a job application form (for some bank nursing – am still plotting my escape from health visiting but don’t want to lose my practical skills and experience), *and* identify possible things to write journal articles on from my thesis (I need to get my finger out on that, but if I can get a bit more done then that will help me with future academic job applications). I reckon I have at least 16 articles which could be written, even if I manage a few of them it shouldn’t do me too much harm!

This picture was taken in the Hidden Gardens, at the back of the Tramway. This really made me laugh, I think the flowers look like they are all singing, cartoon-stylee.