2011 Project365 (day222) / The Gallery week 69

10th August 2011

I had completely forgotten about the Gallery theme this week (hosted by Sticky Fingers), and took my photo when I got home then checked my blog reader and there it was. Today’s Gallery theme is Water, something which we have had rather a lot of today (I’m not entirely sure what stair rods are, but the rain was coming down in them today). I could have stayed out the back a bit longer to take a few more pictures and make them clearer, but, well, I was getting rained on.

4 thoughts on “2011 Project365 (day222) / The Gallery week 69

  1. Stair rods – my gran had them on her stairs. Posher than using tacks in pre-gripper rod days.

    They kept the carpet in place, mostly! They are very straight.

  2. Like the photo very much and am quite jealous as it keeps pouring down here but all my pics turn out rubbish. So I tried something a bit different as my Gallery thing

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