2011 Project365 (day231)

19th August 2011

These swings in Queen’s Park always remind me of Cluj in Romania. In the 90s they had an ultra-nationalist mayor who painted pretty much anything that didn’t move (benches, kerb stones, rubbish bins, etc) in the colours of the Romanian flag.

In other news, for the first time since being here I saw a heron at the little pond today. My photos weren’t that great unfortunately.

2 thoughts on “2011 Project365 (day231)

  1. I love weathered stuff although for a child it’s probably a bit sad

    I have been catching up as always
    I don’t bother ironing any more, I just decided rumpled makes me look busy

    love that Philly has invaded Glasgow!!
    as for the Zee vs. Zed debate, when I worked at the Brit firm I got into the Zed habit and was then laughed at in Brooklyn

    peace lady 🙂
    Hope sends hugs across the pond

    oh – Craig Ferguson is on vacation in Scotland, find him and send him to me

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