2011 Project365 (days237-243)

31st August:

31st August 2011

A colleague at work left today, and at her leaving do this evening she had got there earlier and put one of these pots with a candle at every place. Even more thoughtful, she had got some photos she had printed out, with quotes from her favourite poets handwritten on the back, for us all to take one. We were all flabbergasted at her thoughtfulness – she will be sorely missed.

30th August:

30th August 2011

This is the view from the service station at Johnstonebridge, on the A74(M). I have stopped at this service station before, but this was the first time that I noticed there was outdoor seating, and more than that, that there was this beautiful view!

29th August:

29th August 2011

Last day at Greenbelt and one of the highlights was a set by Kate Rusby. Here she is on the big screen to the side of the stage. I’ll write a bit more about Greenbelt in another post (and I realise I haven’t written the Womad post either – will do that at some point too).

28th August:

28th August 2011

The weather at Greenbelt wasn’t too bad, but the sun was quite a rare visitor, it couldn’t get beyond the grey cloudy bouncers. So I appreciated this touch of warmth on the Sunday evening – this is the campsite taken from the grandstand.

27th August:

27th August 2011

One of the things I enjoyed very much on Saturday at Greenbelt was meeting up with friends from Ship of Fools at the Tiny Tea Tent. Even though I’m not the world’s biggest tea drinker, the vibe at the TTT is always relaxed and I love spending time there.

26th August:

26th August 2011

On the Friday, the first day of Greenbelt I only managed to catch the first 15 minutes or so of Billy Bragg‘s set, but what I saw was fabulous.

25th August:

25th August 2011

Travelling down the M6 to Greenbelt, here’s a view from the UK’s best service station, Tebay. What a great place.

2 thoughts on “2011 Project365 (days237-243)

  1. Tebay is a fabulous service station – I can’t remember much about its services but its views are great! I remember once bowling along in the motor through that countryside singing Parry’s “I was glad” with a fellow singing friend (alto) and feeling as if God was in His heaven, and all was right with the world.

    Sunday evening’s weather was good, wasn’t it? I was biffing westwards along the M4 courtesy of Mr Nat Express – and commenting to my neighbouring traveller on the stunning sunset ahead of us… all pale blue and peachy and just delightful.

  2. I love Tebay, and always try to time my drives to arrive there at a mealtime – fab food, and you can’t have forgotten the shop! Best service station in the UK, by miles.

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