2011 Project365 (days265-268)

Pictures from the last few days – we are hoping for an adventure today (we have a little local bank holiday today so aren’t at work) so another photo to follow later.

25th September:

25th September 2011

Current favourite listening. We saw the gig at Celtic Connections earlier this year, the highlight of the festival.

24th September:

24th September 2011

I was down south for the weekend at a briefing for my new Open Uni course. As usual it was very good and I am currently feeling very enthusiastic about it! (let’s see how long that lasts!). It was also nice to get the chance to stay with the parentals for a couple of days.

23rd September:

23rd September 2011

Course materials for the new OU course. Here’s my Project365 confession: although I had thought “If I can’t think of anything else I’ll take a picture of the books”, I totally forgot on the day, so this was taken on the 24th. The very first day this year I forgot to take a picture!

22nd September:

22nd September 2011

Lights over Buchanan Street.