2011 Project365 (day290)

17th October 2011

I’m not currently drinking any alcohol (inspired by Sigrun’s booze-free year last year, I’m doing the same this year). Apart from the day of my PhD viva I’ve not touched a drop since New Year’s Eve. To be honest I’m not really missing it at all – I’ve had the odd twinge of vaguely fancying a drink (mainly at Womad, where at one point watching a band in a field having a pint would have been just perfect), but other than that, not really at all.

HD is the whisky fan here. These two cases contain(ed) a bottle each of Smokehead. I must admit, I love the smell of whisky, but still can’t manage more than a couple of sips. I love these cases though.

One thought on “2011 Project365 (day290)

  1. I don’t drink much any more
    I used to be quite the fish
    all nighters at the bar after work but it gets old (as do I) and it’s less and less fun

    I love the way you compose your shots, always an interesting POV

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