3 thoughts on “2011 Project365 (day292-293)

  1. I’ve just finished this morning unpacking and sorting from move 6 months ago. As I lived with son and his wife for over three years, there was a lot I hadn’t seen for a long time. Took me ages to buy bookshelves but that’s all done now and properly sorted and this week has seen the sorting of knitting yarn. I’ve given a lot to a group which knits for charity purposes and have finally sorted the rest properly so I can find things.

    Then of course, I had to get rid of all the boxes. I live in an apartment now, so that meant carting them down to the recycling skip in the rubbish room. Again and again.

    I hope your move goes easily and smoothly. How long before your move?

  2. Jan, we are hopefully moving in about 2 weeks. I know what you mean about being reunited with stuff – we have had stuff in storage nearly 4 years and I can’t wait to discover all the things we’ve forgotten about. I’m sure there’ll be some “we paid to store *that*!” moments, but mostly I’m hoping it will just feel like we have new stuff 🙂

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