Still here!

Hello 🙂

I am still here, and actually still taking pictures, but internet is still an issue (I’m hoping to get that sorted out later today; in the meantime I am back in Glasgow making the most out of the fact that I didn’t cancel the Glasgow internet direct debit in time). I could have uploaded my pictures from the last week, but forgot to bring my card reader, so that delight will have to wait a bit longer (no crying at the back please).

In short: we have moved, the house is lovely but it feels like the boxes and unpacking is neverending, neighbours seem nice, area seems nice, we had a takeaway the first night we were in which was a bit disappointing (especially after having Anarkali so close in Glasgow!), the commute isn’t great but is bearable, I’ve some job interviews coming up and also some applications to do (another task for today while I have the internet, along with downloading and marking more essays), and we still haven’t found our Christmas tree (which disappeared a couple of days ago, we assumed in storage but possibly not. Very curious).

I could sleep for a week.

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