2011 Project365 (days346-348)

14th December:

14th December 2011

Since watching The Big Bread Experiment on iPlayer last week HD has been on a bit of a breadmaking mission. He has two loaves on the go at the moment, both different variations of spelt bread. Here they are sitting on the radiator to rise a bit before baking. The last loaf he made didn’t seem to rise in the time it was supposed to so he left it on the radiator overnight, we were a bit worried that it would take over the living room but it rose perfectly and was delicious. I had a very amusing facebook conversation about this, I mentioned that any and all of my previous attempts at breadmaking were hopeless and the bread was inedible, and I was mortified that a schoolfriend remembered how rubbish I was at cookery at school. Honestly, you’d think after 30 years the memory would have faded. I tried really hard, but let’s just say I was never a natural. My family still go on about it (particularly the salty jam tart), though to be fair they did have to eat it.

13th December:

13th December 2011

New uplighter.

12th December:

12th December 2011

Cookies (delicious: I didn’t cook them, obviously!).

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