2011 Project365 (days351-352)

18th December:

18th December 2011

At last, we have nearly finished our Christmas shopping. This was Stirling city centre this afternoon, looking a lot less stressful and full than I expect Glasgow would have been.

17th December:

17th December 2011

We had a half day adventure exploring Dundee (I’d never been there before). We spent most of the afternoon exploring the museum and ship RSS Discovery which is the ship in which Scott made his first trip to the Antarctic. It was fascinating, well worth a visit I thought. And as an added bonus I was pleased with quite a few of my pictures. It was getting dark by the time we left the museum and looked round the ship – here you can see the Tay road bridge in the background on the left, and is that Venus in the sky?

The main reason for going to Dundee was to see Surfing and Tractor Girl at Surfing’s Christmas party. Thanks we had a lovely evening (and the mulled fruit punch was delicious!).