Counting blessings

Although I would like nothing better than to rewind this week and start again, and although I was a bit whingey yesterday in particular, this is the week we are stuck with and so must make the best of it. So, today I decided to count my blessings, and there are lots and lots of them. I have so much to be thankful for, and it is good to remember that.

Which reminds me, Lent starts next week. I think it will do me good to Count my Blessings (link is a pdf file) again.

3 thoughts on “Counting blessings

  1. 🙁 one of your blessings must be that you are, when you need to, able to whinge with people to listen. Go easy.

  2. Thanks ferijen. I do actually feel much better today.

    Though the number of blessings reduced by one, thanks to the washing machine packing up this morning. *deep breath* 🙂

  3. What ferijen wrote; I think we all need to unload sometimes, and that’s fine.

    Hope the washing machine is fixed quickly and cheaply…

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