Today I am pretty pleased with what I have managed to do – not least because I didn’t actually get up till 1pm, bliss! I have marked a couple of essays and did a little bit of work with my OU students (nothing too taxing), I have applied for another job online, I have written and submitted a proposal for a conference paper, and I have read an article ready for a twitter discussion this evening (like an online journal club). I have also managed within this to faff about and eat biscuits, so it’s all good.

The job interview on Friday was OK, but I am not holding my breath. They have another candidate to interview at some point next week, so I won’t hear either way for probably another week, but given my horrible week I wasn’t well enough to spend a lot of time preparing, and on the day I really didn’t feel in the mood for an interview and even contemplated not going. I’m glad I did though; it’s all good practice and actually spending a bit of time thinking about something other than myself and feeling sorry for myself was helpful and got me feeling a bit perkier and more motivated to get on with life. I’m actually looking forward to going back to work tomorrow (though I’m also looking forward to leaving work the week after!).

I can’t believe though, having been up less than 7 hours today, that I am already feeling tired and ready for a night’s sleep! What a lightweight.

2 thoughts on “Productivity

  1. Oh my!: well done. I feel positively lazy compared to your industriousness; faffing around and chocolate featured more prominently in my Sunday.

    Well done on the job interview: and I am sure you did well. And as I wait to hear about a number of applications I made, I can definitely hope I keep myself busy as you have this wek as I’ve been indulging in feeling sorry for myself as well. I’ll start by answering your question on my blog. 🙂

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