Yay me :D

So I had the job interview today (in Edinburgh). Why yes, I did get the job, thank you for asking 😀

I start in May, which is perfect timing as my OU work stops in June for the summer. I am really chuffed – I enjoyed the interview, felt that if I didn’t get it it would be because there was someone better rather than because I wasn’t good enough, and know it will be great experience. It’s a fixed term position, for 21 months, but it should give me tons of experience to bring to a permanent position.

Thanks Ian, and all, for your prayers and good wishes. I am really grateful. Hooray! 😀

NB I’m not saying anything yet on fb or twitter (I’m not on fb till Sunday anyway); I want to tell my family and work colleagues first rather than have them read something on fb. Thanks!

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