End of another era

So yesterday was my last day at work. It ended up being a bit bizarre, not least because my colleagues decided to have a surprise lunch for me, but because it was a surprise they (obviously) didn’t tell me, and it turned out that I had already booked a home visit for that time and they ended up phoning me asking me where I was as they had turned up for lunch and then had other appointments so then had to go! There did seem to be a bit of grumpiness about it, but not being psychic there wasn’t much I could do about it – at least it is reassuring to know how good my colleagues are at keeping a secret! I didn’t manage to get everything done that I wanted to, so a few things were left to colleagues, and I actually didn’t sleep very well partly because I felt a bit rough following my leaving do (not alcohol-related; I just had a meal which had a really really rich Brie sauce which was delicious but so rich it made its presence felt for a while afterwards) but also because I kept running through my head the things which still needed doing. I did phone in this morning as there was something I should have told them and I remembered that I hadn’t, but once I had done that I felt like I really could let go, and I am expecting to sleep much better tonight! I will miss my colleagues very much, they are a great team, but I really had done as much as I could with the job and definitely have made the right decision in terms of moving on.

I had a reasonably relaxing day today, I wanted a bit of a break before organising my working from home routine, so the serious writing/marking/teaching starts from next week (I have set aside Monday to finally sort out my study). Tomorrow I am going to a research day, which will be good to get me back into the research vibe, and I know that one of my PhD supervisors will be there so it will be good to catch up with her. I’m feeling very positive about the future, all in all.

2 thoughts on “End of another era

  1. Great to hear you had a relaxing day, and all the best for your research day. And hurrah! about the positive feelings.

    And with the secret lunch it shows how much you were loved and appreciated by your colleagues, which is great and no surprise (even allowing for a bit of grumpiness which I am sure was just feelings of not being able to share the day with you).

  2. I had to giggle a but that they were grumpy over you not being available for your surprise

    I love that you care up until the very last moment, you’re a good one

    Enjoy researching and working for home
    and brava on the new job

    I did play with the colors of my last photo, I’ve been using iPiccy.com and it’s fun

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