Jelly belly

Just noting briefly that I am back on the calorie counting and sensible eating (it is the only way I have found to really work for me – if I’m not counting calories I assume I’m not eating as much as I am, and then the weight piles on). I bought new scales last week (the last ones went a bit haywire, they suddenly seemed to suggest that I had lost nearly 50kg in a weekend – if only it were that easy!) and stood on them for the first time this morning, which was a bit of a depressing wake-up call. But I am fed up of my flabby bits (I don’t mind the curves and have every intention of keeping them! Just need to rediscover them from underneath all the blubber), and I am fed up of getting out of breath so easily, and I am fed up of my knees and ankles hurting. So I need to bite the (low calorie) bullet and stop eating so much, and so much rubbish. And look forward to a fitter, healthier future.

I’m also trying to have a good brisk walk of a couple of miles or so most days, to try and get myself off my ample backside.

It’ll probably be very very boring, but if I remember I will try to update weekly with my weight loss, each Monday. A bit of accountability will be a good thing.

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  1. oh yes and here too! You seem to have a bit more go than me though … I’m still working up the energy to be bothered while you’re out there doing! 🙂

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