Grumpy pants

Since leaving my job at the end of February, I have started my one-day-a-week working at another health centre to maintain my registration and stay on the nurse bank. On Tuesday I had parked the car outside the health centre after my morning visits, but when I came out after lunch to go on my afternoon visits I found a long scratch along most of the passenger door, continuing into the rear bodywork. I called the police to get a crime number (though as it happens I can’t claim on the insurance as the eventual quote is nearly the same as my policy excess), and filled in an incident form, and today went to the repair place to see about getting it fixed – the scratch is deep enough that if left I could see it getting rusty, and as it is a black car it is really visible. The guy said that because it covered two panels it was hundreds of pounds worth of work, but said that given the circumstances he could do it for a couple of hundred pounds less (which suggests to cynical me that it is really a couple of hundred pounds less worth of work but he was trying to make me feel like I was getting a bargain. How sad to be so cynical). Which is more than I will earn not just for the one day but for the whole month.

I am so cross about it, and really grumpy now. I just can’t understand what anyone could get out of mindlessly keying someone’s car. I mean, if they’d broken in and nicked the stereo, at least they’d have something out of it. But this – pointless. I have seen people on the telly before saying that they burgle “because they’re insured so they can get it back”. But that doesn’t cover a. the excess, b. the waste of time (as well as getting the quote today we’ll be without the car for two days while it is fixed so HD will have to add a couple of hours onto his usual day using the train, and what if we’d had plans for Saturday?, plus I need to try and put in a claim at work given that the damage was caused during the course of work duties and that process moves at the speed of a glacier on a go-slow), c. the sense of fear – I have to go back there for the next month and a half, why would I want to park my car anywhere near?, d. the fact that whoever did this doesn’t even have anything to show for it – the whole thing was totally pointless. I am struggling to be cuddly liberal about them I must admit. Grrrrrrrr.

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  1. I echo Miss Lisa: to me it is a completely stupid and pointless thing as you said… Sorry to read of the expense and hassles as well.

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