The weather was lovely today so I spent a bit of time in the garden. It didn’t feel at the time like I was doing very much (weeding, pruning, planting seeds mainly, plus mixing up the compost a bit) but 3 hours later I appear to have pretty much lost the use of my legs! I can only move accompanied by loud groans and creaks!

The white crocus has finally deigned to flower (it waited till the yellow one was fully over before even thinking about flowering). The narcissi as well are finally starting to open up, some time after their cousins on the roadside banks.

IMG_7629 IMG_7630

Some of the other bulbs I planted out are starting to emerge now, and the clematis too is a riot of buds like this (they are leaf buds, I have so far only counted 3 flower buds, but hopefully there will be more on the way).

IMG_7631 IMG_7635

My Stirling garden flickr set is starting to get colourful!

2 thoughts on “Jardin

  1. oh I an THRILLED to find it’s not just me turning into a crock after some gardening! Sitting down and then finding I’ve ‘set’ in position has become my new normal ha ha!

  2. Ooh ooh what I thought were leaf buds are in fact flowers – there are hundreds of them! I know this sounds daft, but I’ve only just clocked that the 3 clematis climbing up the wall are different types! Very excited 🙂

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