Mystery CD

Last year someone sent me a random CD and I have never ever found out who sent it (if it was you, thank you!).

Today another CD arrived in the post, with no note or anything. I have no idea if it is from the same person or someone else – this time it is a worship CD, by the Rend Collective Experiment (I must admit I have never heard of them – will listen to it soon). If it is from you, thank you – please do identify yourself!

4 thoughts on “Mystery CD

  1. That’s weird. Exciting though. Happened to me once, years ago and I never found out who was responsible! Happy listening anyway

  2. I love Rend!!! I’ve only just discovered them through someone’s blog and she’s promised to send me a CD (I hope she didn’t send it to you instead of me!!! 🙂 ) They’re a great Nor’n Irish band and their music is, I find, very inspiring.

    I hope you enjoy it, Jack!

  3. I have now discovered who it was from – it was a late birthday present from HD’s sister and her family. She was expecting it to be wrapped and labelled! She denies anything to do with the CD I got last year though, so that’s still a mystery!

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