Best search term ever

“pictures of foot fungus that look like brockley”.

I mean, where do you even start?! Why? As a former district nursing staff nurse and former Brockley resident, it just appealed to me on so many levels.

In other news, today we discovered a nearby blackberry source along the short cut we use to get to the library (this is good as the bramble I planted in the front garden has been somewhat swamped by what I fear might be ground elder, so isn’t doing as well as it could). So I picked 2kg worth today – 5 hours later my hands and arms are still stinging because as well as being scratched as usual by the brambles, a lot of them were growing in the midst of some particularly vicious nettles. It will be so worth it though when it comes to the jam/crumble/flapjack making (that’s a news item for the long-time readers of this blog).

5 thoughts on “Best search term ever

  1. Haha yes, I saw it and just thought “say WHAT???!!!” Puzzling over it in bed I wondered if they meant ‘broccoli’, but either way it still makes me laugh!

  2. I’m giggling because you guys are giggling
    and because I used to do market research for a fungus treatment creme company

    blackberries are so good in so many ways
    and good for you as well

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