‘Love Wins’ by Rob Bell

We got this as a Christmas present a couple of Christmases ago and I finally managed to start and finish it recently! It’s the book that got a lot of conservative evangelicals’ knickers in a twist as it was allegedly promoting (shock horror) universalism and that hell wasn’t a burning lake of fire of eternal torment, but in all honesty I’m wondering what all the fuss is all about – I don’t think he said anything remotely controversial! I am pretty sympathetic to what he’s saying overall (whilst not being convinced by bits of a couple of his interpretations of individual parables), although it was quite difficult sometimes to figure out what his point actually is amongst all the millions of questions.

What did rile me though
was his habit
of breaking up sentences
into smaller lines
like this.

Although I suppose it does mean that it makes it a really quick read.

I’m being a bit unfair – I suppose if you are from a very conservative religious background then this would be pretty ground-shaking. But personally I think if you want a book that argues for universalism, then Keith Ward’s “The Bible: A Challenge for Fundamentalists” is much better. I must dig that out again sometime for a reread.

4 thoughts on “‘Love Wins’ by Rob Bell

  1. I wrote a review almost identical to this on a thread on the Ship.

    I was heartily
    like this
    by the time I finished and like you, I didn’t find anything terribly startling in it.

  2. I think I may have commented somewhere once that if you reckon you read a book a month and you think you might live until you’re 75 years, you can calculate just how few (in my case….) books you have time to read.
    Thanks for crossing this one off the list for me!

    And I’m sure that
    truncating the lines
    thus would drive
    me mad too.

  3. I must confess that I truncate!
    I am a godless truncator!!

    As for the religious right, if they didn’t have their knickers in a twist they wouldn’t be able to start the day.

  4. Dianne, I have never noticed you truncate like this! I can cope with short sentences, it was when he kept hitting return every couple of words it got really irritating!

    I on the other hand am a godless pontificator. I don’t think there’s any point using 3 words when 30 will do just as well! (just ask my PhD supervisors, every single supervision they used to beg me to use more full stops!).

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