‘Journey to the Edge of the World’ by Billy Connolly

‘Journey to the Edge of the World’ is a TV tie-in book, accompanying the ITV series of the same name from a few years ago, where comedian Billy Connolly travelled from Nova Scotia to Vancouver Island via the North-West Passage. I thought this was a great book – Connolly is funny, respectful, whimsical, cutting, and totally open to all the people and places he comes across. There are various musings on Scottishness (particularly given the Scottish background of a lot of Canadians), living in other cultures, environment, travel, being in the world, social class, as well as the history of the various places he visits; I thought it was beautifully written and a joy to read. It is also the perfect TV tie-in book in that there is usually at least one picture on every page, stills from the TV series – it’s really beautiful. It’s yet another library book that I’m going to have to buy because I liked it so much and want my own copy!

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