I’ve gone on about it everywhere else so I may as well here too! 🙂 We now have the use of a 1/4 allotment, we’ve been on the waiting list since moving here but expected to have to wait for ages. But a couple of neglected plots had the plot-holders evicted, and the allotment association has decided to divide them into four each, so that a number of us on the waiting list could at least make a start on growing something while we wait for a half or full plot to come up. This has the advantage that we can be growing stuff and getting to know what works in this particular space and what isn’t so successful, and they get to see that we are committed and so giving us a bigger plot in the fullness of time isn’t so risky. So it’s pretty much win-win – I’m delighted!

The various people who have been given this chance are getting together over the coming weeks to clear the plots (they need weeding and digging over and various bits of rubbish removing), and then the plots will be divided and we’ll have names drawn out of hats to see who gets what. I really like this community aspect of it – we’ll all help everyone, rather than just doing our own bit and sod everyone else.

I posted this picture up on my blipfoto blog as well, but I’ll stick it here too – look at the view! The allotments are next to the local Rugby Club, but a bit further beyond the rugby field is the Wallace Monument.

I am really pleased that this gives me something else to blog about, I’ve been a bit lacking in inspiration the last little while! And with any luck HD and I will be Tom and Barbara from The Good Life in no time! 😀

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  1. Yes, I’ll take my camera (probably the phone as that can go in my pocket) each time I go so I can record progress!

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