Further allotment adventures

The last couple of Sundays I’ve been down at the allotment. Last week there were a few of us, and we cleared some of the old fencing and some of the assorted crap that was left (old carpet, bottles, broken glass, etc). No digging was done though – the ground was frozen solid! This picture gives an idea of the plot – this will eventually be divided into 10:

Today the ground wasn’t frozen, but it was only me this time (HD is still recovering from a very nasty cold, and the others have come at other times). I had thought I would shift the bricks that surround the old raised bed (see above photo, to the left in the middle), but they turned out to be big concrete blocks and too much for one person, so instead I did some weeding. Once I’d got rid of the remains of this year’s dead weeds (with their seeds just waiting to waft everywhere) I could see the new growth, so got rid of a bit of that. This stuff is in our garden so I have learnt this year just how rampant it is! So even if this isn’t our eventual plot, I don’t mind getting rid of/weakening the weeds, as they certainly won’t restrict themselves to just a small plot! Here’s the before, during and after shots:

And one more for luck – as if a view of the Wallace Monument wasn’t enough, turn round in the other direction and there’s a view of Stirling Castle as well!

I am now all achey, and it’s the usual soul-destroying thing of spending time working really hard for it to not look that different! Oh well – I’m sure once we all get going on it it will be done soon enough and we’ll be glad for these little bursts of effort over the winter!

2 thoughts on “Further allotment adventures

  1. well done! Think of the muscles you’re building without paying for the gym, the satisfaction of stopping those weeds in their tracks, you’ll be happy when spring arrives! 🙂

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