Oh Christmas tree

Featuring, amongst others, the alpaca on the top of the tree (the finger puppet came with a gift certificate after HD’s parents gifted an alpaca to a Peruvian family via Practical Action as one of our wedding presents), the Christmas kookaburra (a previous wibsite present exchange gift from Miss Lisa), a couple of decorations from birdie (where’s her blog gone?!) who sent them my first Christmas in Scotland after hearing I was going to be on my own and not actually have any presents to open on the day (long not particularly sad story!), and a little wooden snowman from Finland I bought when I went to Helsinki for a conference – I’d had great ideas about buying Christmas presents there till I saw the prices, all I managed in the end was the tiniest little tree decoration and a shot glass for HD which cost a flippin’ fortune! And the tree – we bought it just before we got married, our first Christmas tree. It’s only tiny, but is so full of memories!

One thought on “Oh Christmas tree

  1. HA, the kookaburra! I’ve got my little Christmas star and spoon sitting right here on the bookshelf, I dug them out yesterday 🙂 … unfortunately our tree is very “modairn” (that’s franglish for modern, obviously) and is basically an upside down cone, covered in gold tinsel and lights – it’s very pretty but nowhere to hang anything without risking electrocution, so i’m just putting various random decorations on shelves and door handles instead.

    I LOVE the alpaca … or ‘pacaseep’ as they are known in my family courtesy of my eldest nephew, who named the alpacas up the road from mum and dad this when he was 3 – I thought it was a pretty good effort 🙂

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