January allotmenting

I managed to go to the allotment both days this weekend – and now have tennis elbow to show for it! Had better get going on those exercises again 🙂

Yesterday we carried on weeding/digging up the area we had started before Christmas. HD hasn’t just dug up some severed hands here, that’s my gardening gloves in front of him!

Today I went back for another hour and managed to fill another wheelbarrow with weeds. I was digging up what we had already identified as a bed for potatoes, it turned out that the spuds were still there and I dug up several (mostly very waterlogged and they fell to bits at the slightest touch).

I’m not sure we’ll make it next weekend. The forecast is for a big old cold snap, so it’s entirely possible the ground will be rock solid (which will make a change from today, when it was really squelchy!).

2 thoughts on “January allotmenting

  1. onwards and upwards I’m really impressed with all the work you’re putting in, particularly as, at least in the papers anyway, your weather has been vile!

  2. I haven’t forgotten about those seeds…! Looking liking you’re getting through the work though…

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