Good day’s work

Today I spent another couple of hours at the allotment and managed to dig another bed. I found some more spuds, on the same side of the plot as yesterday’s find, so we know for sure not to plant them out there this year. It’s slightly narrower than the one in the background (which is the one we finished yesterday) as I wanted to make sure that when we come to dig over what was a raised bed we don’t use any of that for a path, as it’s nice soil. The bottom of the bed (closest to the bottom of the picture) and going down the middle of it was quite hard to dig – I think the previous person had paths here (it’s where the old plastic was) and I was only going down an inch and hitting subsoil. So all I could do with it was slice off the top inch and disturb it a bit – we’re going to have to raise that up a bit and add a fair bit of compost there. Here’s the new bed (foreground) when I’d finished.



I also took pictures from the other angle so you can see how much further we have to go! The last photo also shows how much further our neighbours on either side have dug! You can see the old raised bed clearly here, that should be reasonably quick and easy to dig over.

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I am still aching all over, but I think it’s actually from the putting the few plants into the front garden yesterday rather than from the digging at the allotment. I am creaking like an oldie!

In other news, Lidl are currently selling gardening stuff pretty cheaply, and we managed to buy a small greenhouse (with plastic not glass) for the back garden for loads less than the garden centre. We also got some netting (I am optimistic the brussels seeds I sowed this morning will grow fantastically and need netting 🙂 ).

2 thoughts on “Good day’s work

  1. back breaking yet so satisfying
    you’ve got a lot of space there
    enjoy and don’t hurt yourself

    when you mentioned spuds I got to laughing out loud
    all I could hear was Craig Ferguson saying “potatoes, damn potatoes, they’re everywhere, even in me holiday sock”
    in that wonderful accent so much more melodic than my NY accent

  2. Now I’d forgotten about Craig Ferguson. I heard John Oliver on a podcast the other week just after it was announced that he’d be doing the Daily Show for 8 weeks this summer while Jon Stewart is directing a film, and he was saying that the news reports talked about him “and his thick British accent”. That’s so strange – Craig Ferguson is on US TV all the time, and he’s from Cumbernauld! John Oliver must sound like the Queen in comparison!

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