Allotment: Better late than never

Photos from the allotment a couple of weeks ago. We dug over the two paths we’d created, as one of the allotment regulars had said that it was better for it all to get dug over then paths walked fresh, rather than leaving them as they tended to harbour couch grass which would spread everywhere. So most of the time was spent doing that rather than digging any new bits. The final photo shows a pretty big old plank we dug up – it’s the reason why I’m a bit nervous about the thought of hiring a rotavator, even though it would make it so much quicker! If we dig the old-fashioned way this year, at least we’ll know what is and isn’t in the ground and can take the risk next year!

I did find the digging quite hard this time – you could tell we’ve not had much in the way of rain, as the (clay) soil was rock hard! At least with a bit of moisture it’s easier to dig.

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We didn’t go to the plot last week – I was down south for work/conference/staying with a friend, and HD couldn’t go as the car was in the garage (fixed now thankfully). I’m not sure if we’ll get there this weekend – the weather is supposed to be better, and I really want to go as apparently there are porpoises in the river at the moment (this far inland! But I’ve seen photos and apparently they were still there earlier today), plus we really do need to get on with the digging. But I have a bad cold which I am really struggling to shift, which has reached the snotty sinus-y stage now, so if I’m like this tomorrow I’d be blowing my nose every 5 seconds. I’ll see how I feel tomorrow – there are plenty of indoor seeds needing to be sown, so even if I don’t go to the plot I can still be horticultural! 🙂

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  1. Didn’t make it today. *snot* *snuffle* *cough* *splutter*.
    Maybe later this week – hopefully the porpoises will hang around and say hello.

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