Allotment today

Today we did another hour and a bit digging – I’d say we’ve now done about half the plot. Still no fencing round the ends, but hopefully we’ll organise that in the next few weeks. The people either side of us have started planting anyway, I’m going to leave our spuds one more week and hope for the best.

These first two are of another big old post HD dug up today (similar size to the one he dug up last time). He was also trying to find the end of this big bit of plastic sheeting, but it seems to be like trying to find the source of the Nile, so we never did get to the end of it – hopefully next time!

526 528

These two show our hard work – the first one up close, and then the view from the top to show just how much we still have to go! (I’m trying not to think about that end – it’s so compacted it will be a nightmare to dig!):

527 530

Here’s views from the bottom and top of the plot:

529 531

And finally, I like this picture because it makes the bit we still need to do look not so bad!


Yesterday I planted up some more seeds to start off at home. So now on the go we have courgette, marrow, aubergine, squash, 3 types of dwarf beans, and another lot of brussels and quinoa. Last month’s brussels are still going strong, and I planted them on into individual pots in a propagator thingy, but the quinoa struggled – only two of the seeds had germinated, and then this week I forgot to water them 😮 So I thought I’d better try again. Most of the brussels I’m expecting not to get much beyond this stage, and if they do then I’ll give lots of them away, as there’s only so many we will be able to eat! But I wanted to plant some more, as I think the early planted ones will have gone over by Christmas, so this lot I planted yesterday will hopefully contain part of Christmas dinner. As well as these seeds, HD planted out some salad seeds last week, quite a few of which are already sprouting (tomato, coriander, and a turnip leaf thing with a funny name). I also got given a trio of tomato plants and a courgette from my work colleague so they are all hopefully on the way too.

I can see vegetables in my future 🙂

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  1. I found sprouts are pretty easy, but would really recommend netting/a cage over them as they’re so tasty for caterpillars!

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