Slow and steady wins the race (I hope)

We did an hour or two at the allotment today – more digging, and I covered the lines I’d planted with potatoes last week with more earth to try and build them up a bit. HD wasn’t convinced that was the best use of time, but I won’t do any more till I see shoots appearing above ground, and in the meantime it’s a bit more obvious where they are. I also had to sieve through some earth where there had been a bonfire previously as it is full of old rusty nails. That was quite satisfying to do though, and means that next time I can get cracking on helping HD with more substantial digging. I’m also hoping to get some garlic down next week – I know it’s a bit late, but with the weather we’re having and the leaves only just starting to appear on the trees I think that still counts as ‘spring’ (I’m sure when I was a little girl spring started in March and by mid-May at the latest it was summer). Hopefully next weekend will also be the weekend when the fencing finally gets done.

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In other news, last week I thought I’d lost several months of photos from my good camera when the memory card corrupted and neither camera nor card reader would display photos. The good news is this weekend I have managed to retrieve all but about 40 of them, which means that my photos from 2 weddings and 3 islands amongst others are almost all back with me, and copied to within an inch of their lives! The ironic thing was that I had only thought a few days previously “I haven’t backed up my photos for ages, I must get round to doing that”. So there’s the moral of the story – back up, back up, back up!