Testing testing, plus Billy Connolly’s Route 66

I know that thanks to the evil spambots the wibsite was down for quite a long time, and the recovery unfortunately meant that the pictures on previous blog posts have disappeared. I haven’t checked back to really old posts, I’m hoping that for me it’s just the recent pictures (which I had uploaded directly into the blog rather than having them hosted on flickr) which have disappeared, in which case it would be mainly pictures of book covers and pictures from the allotment which have gone, but either way I’m grateful to Chris in particular for all his hard work in getting the site back up to speed and hopefully less spammy.

So it’s been nearly 3 months since I wrote something here! My daily(ish) photo blog still continues here. I’m not sure whether to retire this blog (I think 10 years is a good length of time!), as I’m blogging elsewhere too (that photo blog, plus a more work-related blog on wordpress which I’ll not link to here as it’s in my real name). I’m quite nostalgic about this blog though, so I probably will still talk about holidays and books and things here.

The allotment’s going well too 🙂 We have started to harvest our first veg from it – we got some potatoes yesterday, and have also had spinach beet (the surprise hit of the allotment, I hadn’t expected it to do so well) and courgettes, plus some blackcurrants so far.

I’m trying to remember the last book I reviewed here. I’ve read in fits and starts, and have several on the go, but I think the only one I finished recently was Billy Connolly’s book accompanying his travel series when he travelled the entire length of Route 66. I enjoyed it a lot – I love his writing, and his spirit, he’s funny and respectful and observant, and was really good ‘company’ on the trip. I preferred the other book of his I read a few months ago (where he travelled the North-West Passage), but to be honest that was mainly because it had more pictures. This was a great read despite that, so definitely worth a read if you’re stuck for inspiration.