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RHS Harlow Carr

At the end of the week I was in Yorkshire for a couple of days doing more interviews for work. They went really well and I am really chuffed with them (as well as really grateful to everyone who agrees to give up their time to tell me about their lives). On Thursday I had a few hours between interviews so as I was relatively near the RHS gardens at Harlow Carr I thought I would pop in. I spent the equivalent of my lunch hour wandering round taking photos and enjoying the fact that it wasn’t raining (unlike the quite scary journey down the day before), then spent a couple of hours on a bench in the shade doing some work-related admin and reading – it was lovely, so much nicer than doing it at my desk! I took a lot of pictures I was pleased with, and have put up the lot (good, bad and indifferent – well not the bad, I deleted a couple of them!) in this flickr set. I think I am pleased with the close-up shots and less pleased with the wider angle, landscape ones, on the whole – so that’s something I can work on. The last photo was of a flower bed right next to the bench I was sitting on to work. It was so nice to look up and see this!





Adventures in gardening

Yesterday on my way back from teaching in Glasgow I popped into a garden centre I’d spotted near home. I am really happy to have found it, hopefully I won’t go too mad with flashing the cash but I was excited to be able to buy some plants to fill the pots which I’d had to empty of their weeds when we left Glasgow. I’m hoping that the new garden will become a riot of colour; however I also have to be sensible – the front garden gets battered with wind, and the back court is quite dark and mossy, so much as I wanted to I didn’t buy a magnolia as it wouldn’t last 5 minutes.

IMG_7177 IMG_7179

What I did buy though, along with some gloves and a broom to try and sweep up the worst of the moss, was a selection of things to start off with. Two skimmias (one male, one female, so the female will hopefully get berries in the autumn as well as them both having spring flowers), a hebe, a lavender, and a special offer on some bulbs which meant that I now have crocuses and snowdrops in one pot and some narcissi in another. The other thing I did was retrieve some plants which seem to be thriving in the (uncovered) compost bin, I think they might be forget-me-nots which I love, but am not 100% sure. So I potted them up, and if it turns out I don’t like them I can always return them to the compost.

My next plan is to buy a compost bin with a lid, or have a go at making something (if I can find the blog post I once found which explained how to do it) so that I can compost food waste. I’m happy to just throw it onto the bin I have, but I guess the neighbours might not be so keen as it is open to the elements, plus with a lid it can hopefully heat up and rot down a bit quicker. I’m very excited about the compost side of things, it always gave me a buzz in London too 🙂

I have started a flickr set of my garden photos, so I can track the progress over the year/years. I’ll add to it as and when I do stuff – the photos (including a few from 365 last year) are here.

Introducing NellyO

I took the plunge and have started a blipfoto daily(ish) photo blog. Sadly Nelly as a name was already taken, so I added the O (the ‘O’ is of no significance – much like the blog then!). I am not going to beat myself up if I don’t take a photo every day, but I enjoy the snapping so will see how it goes.

Chas I haven’t quite figured out how to subscribe to other blipfoto blogs yet (will play around with it in a bit). I am going to link this one to facebook though so hopefully they will appear there without me having to do anything.

Name that blog

I am finding, 4 days into the new year, that I am missing Project365. Although I must say that having snapped pretty much every inanimate object in our house I am not missing getting to the end of the day and racking my brains trying to think of *something* original! I am enjoying seeing other people’s 365s (quite a few friends, including of course Auntie Doris, are doing it this year).

I have decided I am going to get a Blipfoto blog and although I won’t do a strict 365 I will put photos up there as close to daily as I manage. However, what is putting me off starting is that I can’t for the life of me think what to call it! So I invite any suggestions in the comments, hopefully you will make me laugh even if you don’t come up with the actual title.

The only name I can think of is “Nelly”, which is a silly name for a blog. When we were at my parents’ last week, the conversation came round to pet names, and my mum asked if we had pet names for each other (we don’t particularly, other than HD here). HD did though suggest calling me Nelly (because I trump trump trump. I blame the brussels). Anyway now I can’t get the name out of my head. Save me from myself, help me come up with something more suitable!

2011 Project365 (days363-365)

I can’t believe I’ve managed it (well, with 2 or 3 days I forgot but made up). This is it for now 🙂

31st December:

31st December 2011

Here we are, with less than an hour to go! Happy new year!

(as an aside, I have no idea what is happening with my hairline, I’m sure I didn’t have that much forehead!).

30th December:

30th December 2011

This is the Christmas tree we have inherited from my mum and dad. They bought it for their first Christmas as a married couple, in 1966, so this is my childhood tree, I’m so excited!

29th December:

29th December 2011

We spent our anniversary driving down south to see family. We stopped at the Llama Karma Kafe on the way for lunch, and found Santa running away from a hungry llama.

2011 Project365 (day361)

27th December 2011

Readers of a certain vintage will remember I spent many happy hours in London pottering around my garden and making it beautiful, it is one of the things I miss most since leaving (over 6 years ago – how did that happen?!). Now in our new house the garden is a lot smaller (we have a small front garden, and a back court which at some point we will fence our bit off so that we can build some raised beds and create a nice outdoor space for the summer), but it is ours all ours. My friend the media darling, whose cuttings and spare bulbs played such a big part in my London garden, sent me some bulbs for Christmas, so today I planted them out in the first bit of proper gardening I have done since getting here. I am so excited! A bonus was that the vendors, as well as all the silly and bizarre and inconvenient stuff they left, also left behind a compost bin with some beautiful homemade compost which has added to the pleasure – it was crumbly, moist and beautifully rotted down, I’m really chuffed with it! Unfortunately it doesn’t have a lid so I can’t put my food waste there (will have to sort a new bin out for that) but it is great to keep me going till I can start making my own.

They may look a bit dull at the moment, but come March/April time they will hopefully be a riot of red. I am bound to forget by then what they all are, so here’s my note to self: the round pot has 4 Triumph Tulip Lucky Strike, and the long one has 12 Anemone Coronaria Hollandia. 🙂

2011 Project365 (days355-358)

24th December:

24th December 2011

This is our local parish church, and is where we will be heading for the midnight service (at 11.30, go figure). I thought I’d better take the picture early, as there is a yellow alert for rain on Christmas Day, and the rain has already started.

23rd December:

23rd December 2011

I did my last minute Christmas shopping, on the way back the sun was really low in the sky, I loved these silhouetted trees.

22nd December:

22nd December 2011

This Christmas card was designed by our niece.

21st December:

21st December 2011

Looks like Christmas is coming 🙂