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Further allotment adventures

The last couple of Sundays I’ve been down at the allotment. Last week there were a few of us, and we cleared some of the old fencing and some of the assorted crap that was left (old carpet, bottles, broken glass, etc). No digging was done though – the ground was frozen solid! This picture gives an idea of the plot – this will eventually be divided into 10:

Today the ground wasn’t frozen, but it was only me this time (HD is still recovering from a very nasty cold, and the others have come at other times). I had thought I would shift the bricks that surround the old raised bed (see above photo, to the left in the middle), but they turned out to be big concrete blocks and too much for one person, so instead I did some weeding. Once I’d got rid of the remains of this year’s dead weeds (with their seeds just waiting to waft everywhere) I could see the new growth, so got rid of a bit of that. This stuff is in our garden so I have learnt this year just how rampant it is! So even if this isn’t our eventual plot, I don’t mind getting rid of/weakening the weeds, as they certainly won’t restrict themselves to just a small plot! Here’s the before, during and after shots:

And one more for luck – as if a view of the Wallace Monument wasn’t enough, turn round in the other direction and there’s a view of Stirling Castle as well!

I am now all achey, and it’s the usual soul-destroying thing of spending time working really hard for it to not look that different! Oh well – I’m sure once we all get going on it it will be done soon enough and we’ll be glad for these little bursts of effort over the winter!


I’ve gone on about it everywhere else so I may as well here too! 🙂 We now have the use of a 1/4 allotment, we’ve been on the waiting list since moving here but expected to have to wait for ages. But a couple of neglected plots had the plot-holders evicted, and the allotment association has decided to divide them into four each, so that a number of us on the waiting list could at least make a start on growing something while we wait for a half or full plot to come up. This has the advantage that we can be growing stuff and getting to know what works in this particular space and what isn’t so successful, and they get to see that we are committed and so giving us a bigger plot in the fullness of time isn’t so risky. So it’s pretty much win-win – I’m delighted!

The various people who have been given this chance are getting together over the coming weeks to clear the plots (they need weeding and digging over and various bits of rubbish removing), and then the plots will be divided and we’ll have names drawn out of hats to see who gets what. I really like this community aspect of it – we’ll all help everyone, rather than just doing our own bit and sod everyone else.

I posted this picture up on my blipfoto blog as well, but I’ll stick it here too – look at the view! The allotments are next to the local Rugby Club, but a bit further beyond the rugby field is the Wallace Monument.

I am really pleased that this gives me something else to blog about, I’ve been a bit lacking in inspiration the last little while! And with any luck HD and I will be Tom and Barbara from The Good Life in no time! 😀

Weekly weigh-in (8)

Weekly weight loss: 0.8kg
Running total lost: 2.4kg (5.3 lbs)
Amount to target: 27.5kg

Quite pleased with that. I am doing more walking (as I have walks to and from the station each work day so am walking well over an hour each day), but didn’t think I was gaining much benefit as by the time I get to work I’m so hungry I either have a 2nd breakfast, or eat my lunch by 10 and then need to buy more for lunch! So I’m pleased about that.

In other news, we are going to view a prospective allotment site this week. If we go for it it will need a lot of work, the site has been abandoned for about 30 years and not worked since then so it will probably need a year’s worth of digging before we can actually grow anything. But I’m quite excited at the prospect. We’ll see what it looks like – it might be that it’s far too much to take on and we just stay on the waiting list for a regular allotment. But I’m hopeful, it will be great exercise and great to get into growing our own. I have a few beans in a pot ready for the front garden, but it would be nice to have the space to grow more.

Allotment petition

I wouldn’t normally do a petition-type post, but this caught my eye and I thought it was worth a signature or two and a bit of extra publicity.

Manor Garden Allotments Society has set up a blog explaining all. They’re in the path of the 2012 Olympics development, and so the allotments, given to the area in perpetuity over 100 years ago, will be bulldozed and flattened to make a footpath which will be used for just over 4 weeks. They’ve set up an e-petition here which will no doubt fall on deaf ears, but is nonetheless well worth signing. The Olympics will be great for East London. But there’s no need to concrete over these little oases (there’s a wildlife area which is also destined to be paved over for something or other, again completely unnecessary if you ask me) – why can’t they still exist alongside the new development? Surely there must be someone working for the 2012 Olympics with a shred of imagination? Story originally found at Diamond Geezer.