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Non-photographic things happening in my world

One of the things about posting daily photos is that I can be lazier in blogging – yes the photography is a discipline (which I am really really enjoying) but I want to make sure I keep myself up with what’s going on, as I do occasionally like to look back at my archives and see where I was at, and how far I’ve come (or not, as the case may be).

My PhD viva is coming up very soon. I don’t want to say when till it’s over, as I don’t want to make an enormous fuss prior to the event, but in the meantime, eeeek. From the end of this week I will be going offline for a while till it’s over (will keep taking pictures, but need to get away from non-thesis-related internet for a while).

HD has a job interview soon, which if he’s successful will require some changes to our life. More on that once he’s had it and we know the results. In the meantime, I have a job to apply for too, the closing date is this coming week. I have also applied for some more OU courses to tutor, if I’m not successful with anything else but can get more OU work then I am seriously thinking of stopping health visiting (permanent health visiting, at any rate) and doing OU and supplementing it with bank nursing.

We have a holiday coming up soon too (thank goodness) – HD’s brother is getting married, HD is the best man, so we will be taking a few days before the wedding for a holiday prior to the big celebrations. I can’t wait.

I am meant to be finishing the first draft of a book chapter by the end of this month. Quite when I’ll have time I’m not entirely sure, but hopefully I’ll get something not too scrappy to them. Apart from all the other things going on, I can feel a journal article brewing on a subject which is more interesting to me right now (have spent much of this evening trawling the Moldovan online news), but I’m going to have to put that to one side.

I am doing my first telephone conference tutorial for some of my OU students this week – that’s going to be interesting (she says, not really sure about it, but hey). Before then I have 5 or 6 essays still to mark, and a tutorial to prepare for Saturday. There really is no rest for the wicked. No wonder all I want to do on my Friday day off is sleep and veg out!

Never before has the tagline for this blog felt so elusive …. I think my number 1 priority for April is to rest and enjoy myself, in fact I think I ought to spontaneously schedule it into my diary.

25 days to go

… and I finally feel like I’m getting somewhere with it. Hooray! (nothing much else to add, hope my supervisors agree, not much time to do something about it if not!).

I forgot to mention yesterday that as well as the preparation for the job interview, I received an email asking me to contribute a paper based on my Stockholm conference paper for an edited volume based on the conference (similar to the chapter from the Helsinki conference that I’ve been going on about for ages which will hopefully be published soon). Unfortunately the deadline for the first draft* of the chapter is in a week and a half’s time, so although this is a bit cheeky I have written back and asked for an extension! I will totally understand if they can’t include me, I can always rework the paper into a journal article for publication elsewhere at a less fraught time, but it would be nice if I can be included if possible in the book. That would though mean more work work work for a couple more weeks after submission – I wonder, maybe I can stop working by Christmas?

* I initially typed that as “daft”. Which made me smile 🙂

Moscow’s strays

While I’m on a bit of an article-posting roll, this is a much less depressing article about Moscow’s stray dogs which I found via a tweet from wiblogger World Without End. I was really interested in the observation about how the strays all looked the same, it got me thinking to Romania where I think that’s also true.

Here’s a picture of the stray that attached itself to the little block where I stayed in Sibiu – you could see his cousins all over town, and very very rarely saw stray dogs that looked different:

Romania 2007 (9) 031

He barked like mad every time I came back to the flat for about a week, then when he knew I was there to stay he stopped barking and deigned to allow me in. He started again when HD came to stay though! (I bet our neighbours loved us when we arrived in Sibiu in the small hours. He was a great burglar deterrent though, for a little dog he had serious vocal chords!). The little old lady next door who kept staring at me while I had breakfast until I got blinds for the kitchen used to feed him scraps (despite the protests of the downstairs neighbour who didn’t want to encourage him). I used to see him wandering along Str. Balcescu with the tourists and locals, but he always came back to our yard without fail. I think he was a cross between a “guard dog” (his primary trait I think) and “beggars” of the article.

Over for now

I think the interview went OK, though it’s hard to tell as it was quite short! I don’t think I fluffed anything too badly, and the stuff I fluffed at the Shetland interview last month prepared me for the kind of things I needed to prepare for this time, so I did feel like I wasn’t totally making it up as I went along this time! (I wasn’t totally making it up as I went along in the Shetland interview either, it’s just that there were a couple of points then where I just stopped myself while I was vaguely ahead as I could feel myself about to enter the Blagging Zone!). They’ll let me know in the next day or two, they said. Sometimes I feel quite enthusiastic about the prospect, and other times a bit flat. I don’t know, if they offer it I’ll definitely take it, and I’ll probably enjoy it more than I expect while I’m doing it. Technically I could start tomorrow (especially as my P45 from the university arrived this morning), but what with criminal record checking etc it would probably be October before I could actually start if it’s offered.

In other news, the editors acknowledged receipt of my book chapter, so I know it got there on time. They did thank me for getting it to them on time, so I assume that a number of other contributors have requested extensions. I’d never do that, of course! 😉 😉 😉 Maybe the fact I was on time will make them kindly disposed to my excessive verbiage – I hope so!

[Edited to add: that was quick! About 30 seconds after hitting “publish”, they phoned and offered me the job. Eeek! (I’m pleased and relieved, but still a little bit scared!)]


Recce for interview location – done.
Getting lost on way home from interview recce – done.
Book chapter finished – done (only 2,600 words over the limit, whoops, but if they will ask for absolutely tons of extra detail I’m not sure what else I was supposed to do).
Ironing stuff so I don’t look like a scarecrow at interview – done.
Letter with interview time found after minor panic – done.

I have an interview tomorrow afternoon (it’s not a bank holiday up here this side of the border, unlike down south). Wish me luck!

Working from home

Today the university was closed as we have a local bank-holiday-of-sorts today (we have another in September as well, living here does have its perks! But then we don’t get the August bank holiday in Scotland at all). So I had good intentions of working from home today, and to be fair I did do a bit.


The thing about working from home, is that when you’re faced with the temptation of having a siesta, there’s a bed to facilitate it. At least after lunch at work when I feel sleepy I have to work through the post-lunch snooziness.

Oh dear. Until relatively recently, if I went and had a little nap I could almost set my watch by the fact that I would wake up an hour later. These days? Two hours minimum.


[What I have done, is decided to change the article I recently wrote for one journal and submit it to another one instead, and have decided which one. Have decided it’s not quite suitable enough for the theme of the special issue I originally wrote it for, but with some tweaking it would be more suitable for another journal which I think would be more helpful for health-related job applications. So I have achieved something today. Foucault is still waiting accusatorily though, waiting to be read.]


Life has been distinctly unblogworthy of late – that was going to change this weekend as we were due to go to York for a friend’s birthday party, but having foregone our Saturday lie-in this morning we got ourselves all packed and ready only to discover that Dudley (the Saab) wasn’t too well – a belt has snapped (I know *that* feeling!) and something else has jammed, and can’t be looked at until Monday at the earliest, and last-minute train fares were far too expensive, so I had my lie-in this afternoon instead, and instead of going to York the main excitement was going to our local Lidl for the first time (it opened 2 days ago). When I moved here and found that the local supermarket was a Somerfield I was a bit disappointed as I was used to the marginally more up-market Sainsburys/Tescos. Our Somerfield though closed 3-4 months ago and has only now re-emerged as a Lidl, and I’m now at the point where I feel that Somerfield is the height of sophistication in comparison, though to give Lidl its due, I do really appreciate that I can get pasta for 25p rather than £1.something and (hopefully – haven’t tried it yet but just about to) some reasonable-tasting wine for under a fiver.

What about other news? Work-wise, now that I’ve looked at the comments of the peer reviewers I’m at a bit of a loss to know where to start. They only have minimal suggestions for the substance of the article (that’s good), but also want to know a ton of information about my methodology. Having already just about hit the word limit for the article, I’m not entirely sure how to also include information that took 10K words when I wrote my methodology chapter. Sigh, I’m sure it will all work out, but it will require some creativity.

Also work-wise, I have seen a few jobs to apply for (one in the same town as a job HD has applied for, but mostly not, which is a bit of a stress). Today I saw one in Shetland. Which is kind of tempting, though I suspect the weather would be a bit “character-building”.

Finally, this made me laugh today, it reminded me of me and HD. Well, the “lack of hot abs” mainly reminded me of me, if I’m honest, but anyway:

cute pictures of puppies with captions
see more dog and puppy pictures

Noise pollution

At work the area outside my office building is being dug up (and has been for seemingly ages), and so for some time I have been working with a backdrop of drilling, which I have usually been able to zone out. Over the last week though, the workmen have multiplied, and as well as the ones on the ground more have appeared on the roof of my building. I’m on the top floor, so when they’re walking around with their hobnailed boots it sounds like a herd of wildebeest migrating overhead. Today they started drilling.

By lunchtime I was nearly crying I was so frustrated as it was absolutely impossible to work, or even think – it really sounded like they and their pneumatic drills were in the room with me. I thought I was being melodramatic, but I went for a coffee with a friend who has an office on the same floor as me, and she said the same thing. Unsurprisingly, we will both be working from home tomorrow.

In other news, I heard today that the article I wrote a few months ago (based on the paper I gave at Helsinki) has been accepted for publication by the reviewers and editors, subject to some revisions. This has been a really big boost to my confidence, particularly as the comments were pretty much what I expected and in line with my own evaluations of my work. They are also similar to the kinds of things my supervisors say about my thesis, so it at least also gives me some confidence in their advice as well. I need to do the revisions by the end of August, and providing that’s OK it looks like I shall have something published in an edited volume at some point next year. I’ve also had some positive comments about the draft article I finished last week, so all in all I’m feeling like I’m on the right track, more or less.

Found and lost

I was really happy yesterday that I had found some magazines that I had bought in Romania a couple of years ago and thought I’d lost. They were in an it-seemed-logical-at-the-time place that turned out to be illogical-when-you-are-trying-to-remember-where-on-earth-you-could-have-put-them place. Finding them means that the talk I’m giving next week (and hopefully the journal article that will emerge from the talk) will be brilliant and ace and all-singing all-dancing rather than just merely wonderful.


I could do with the “finding that which was lost” vibe to extend into today though. At the bus stop on the way home I discovered that my bus pass was no longer in my bag. I obviously had it this morning as I got let on the bus without parting with cash, but whether I dropped it on the bus on the journey (most likely) in or at some other point during the day, who knows? I called into M&S (where I bought my lunch) and they hadn’t had it handed in, neither had the janitors who look after the building my office is in. Fortunately the bus company’s lost property place is just up the road from the Stately Pile, so I shall call in tomorrow and hope someone took pity on me and handed it in rather than kept it (there’s still a month left on the card, so I’ll be really really really cross with myself if it’s gone for good. Plus it had a half-decent photo of me on it, and that doesn’t happen very often! Bah). I had a good day today, work-wise, but this has disproportionately spoilt it.

In other news, hooray and thanks to Chris, we have whizzy stats back on our blogs! That has cheered me up.