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Of cold weekends and cool weeks

The barge trip over the weekend was really wonderful – it was ever so cold, but that lovely invigorating dry cold. It would have been miserable if it had been damp, but this just felt really healthy! Yesterday as we were sailing back to the boatyard we were breaking up ice the whole way there (it had been about minus 4 overnight, apparently, so the canal had frozen over). I have put pictures up on facebook, but unfortunately have run out of time to put them on flickr and then here, so they will have to wait till the weekend.

Today I had a lovely extra treat, when I met up with Tractor Girl and shipmate Surfing Madness (who studies in Glasgow as well) for a breakfast coffee. I know it was only a flying visit, but I was really pleased that I was able to be fitted into Tractor Girl’s hectic social whirl and we had a lovely hour chatting and filling up with caffeine – what a great start to the day 🙂

And now here I am blogging instead of packing. I have ordered a taxi for 4.30 A.M. (groan) to take me to the airport tomorrow – yes scaryconference is nearly upon me! – but still need to pack and have a bath and generally organise myself. I came home earlier than usual so that it would be all done and I could have an early night, but as usual have faffed about doing nothing remotely important and will now spend the rest of the evening running round like a headless chicken. No change there then.

I’ll see you at the end of the week – hopefully with lots of cool photos and exciting tales to tell.

Aberdonian adventures

HD and I went up to Aberdeen today. He had an interview and I came along for the ride really. We decided on the basis of the weather forecast to take the train, but when we left in the morning and it didn’t seem particularly icy out I wondered if I’d been making a bit of a fuss. However, by the time the train was north of Stirling I was really really glad we weren’t driving – there was a lot of snow to be seen, and a lot of fog, and the further north we got the colder it felt (oh.my.goodness it was so cold!), even while we were still in the train.

Once we had found where HD had to go we grabbed a drink (him) and sandwich (me) then I left him to do the hard work and I plonked myself down in the art gallery cafe and did some work (no, really – I rewrote next week’s conference talk AND read some journal articles, so it was very productive). We won’t know the outcome of the interview till next week – they are apparently interviewing a number of candidates this week, so although it is very selfish I think I shall pray that all the others are rubbish. I rather liked what I saw of Aberdeen (even though it was cold, grey and wet).

Now we’re back I’m catching up on work and programming in pictures to magically appear every day on my other blogs as we’re away this weekend. A friend is celebrating his 40th birthday by hiring some barges for the weekend, somewhere in Cheshire, so I shall be packing the thermals and spending the weekend on the ocean wave (or at least the canal wave). My worst ever holiday was a barge holiday, but I’m looking forward to this as it wasn’t the barge bit that was the problem before but the particular combination of people. 8 people on one barge for a whole week – I think I was the only person out of all 8 of us who didn’t have an argument with at least one other person; the atmosphere was permanently of the cut-with-a-knife variety. This time though it’s only a weekend, and the plan is basically to start at a pub, pootle down the canal till we find another, and then pootle back again. I think I can cope with that 🙂