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‘Unfinished Symphony’

So, here we are. My blog’s 7th birthday, and I think about time for a change. I’ve changed the title and the theme (still trying a few themes out, but I like this plain one and think it’s good for photos), and once my thesis corrections are in (hopefully in the next fortnight) that’ll be studentdom over and done with for a good long while.

And to all those who over the years have found my blog by searching for ‘maturest sex’, this blog *still* isn’t what you’re looking for.

(Re)Name That Blog

After I posted about my successful viva, Karin asked in the comments if I would be changing the name of this blog. I remember a year and something ago (probably before I got the year’s extension, so thinking I would have finished over a year ago) I did muse about that and even asked for suggestions, but didn’t do very much about it as I ended up taking over a year longer than I meant to to finish, and also because I thought once I’d finished I’d be doing the family planning nursing course so I’d still be a student for another year and a half after that. However, now that I’m not doing that course (and, the very thought of a complicated course and writing essays and all that for something new still leaves me cold so won’t be happening any time soon) and the PhD is finished, it probably does make sense to rename the blog, to finally mark my passage out of formal studentdom. My blog birthday is coming up soon (April 5th), and as that is a couple of weeks before I need to get my corrections in it seems like as good a time as any to switch over. But what to?

The last time I talked about this, the one suggestion I quite liked was “Unfinished Symphony” which seemed to capture the ongoing continuous learning/developing kind of idea, as well as being a wee nod to my ancient and thoroughly neglected music degree. But I’m not 100% sure, so I thought that I would open it up to suggestions from my lovely creative readers to see if they had any other suggestions ……. I won’t promise to use any of them, but even if I don’t they might spark off some random tangent in my own imagination to come up with a new name. Over to you then 🙂

Feeling good

Thanks to a link from Dave’s Church Times blog today, I have been enjoying Sheila’s Feel Good Blog. She has just had a book published called “How to Feel Good Naked”, and also happens to be a trainee vicar. Not sure when I’ll ever find time to read it, but I might try and get hold of the book.

Linking to the blog is an easy way to get out of blogging hugely personal stuff about self-image. Anyway. There we are 🙂

Blog naming

I’m starting to think that at some point I should rename my blog. The Maturest Student in the World has worked up till now as I started it at the end of my masters, blogged my application to the PhD and the whole process so far. I did think that I’d keep it till I’d got the PhD, but as I’ll soon (still don’t know when) be back at work I don’t really feel like a student any more. The PhD will be a while yet, so there’s no great rush, but I do think it’s time to move on.

But. I can’t think of a thing to call it instead. Therefore I thought I would open it up to suggestions (serious, silly, whatever) and even if I don’t go with any of them they might make me laugh or think or both. I’ll perhaps put up a post every so often inviting more suggestions. Maybe there will be a prize at some point for my favourite, but don’t hold your breath about that (it could be months before I make a decision!).

But yeah. Blog names. You’re a creative lot, go for it in the comments 🙂

Nice little earner (hopefully)

I have spent a bit of today recycling an old post from this very blog and submitted it to a postgrad journal who pay fifty quid per article published. Of course I don’t know if it will be accepted or not, and it’s not peer-reviewed or remotely prestigious, but if it is accepted that’s not bad for an hour’s tweaking of my largely insignificant ramblings.

I also sent off the article that I was writing (and blogging about) the other week. Eek. Wish me luck (I’ll find out in the next 6 weeks if it’s been accepted or not, and if so the extent of the changes I need to make).

I can’t believe I’m writing stuff with the intention of publication. After all this time I still feel like I’m playing at doing a PhD.

[Edited: here’s (hopefully) a random link to help Smudgie sort out her technical issues]

Dear Wibsite Powers-That-Be

I have commented on a few blogs in the last couple of days, but my comments simply disappear into the ether. I was going to start a thread on the wibsite board about it, but even though I’m logged in, the ‘start a new thread’ link seems to have disappeared.

Have I broken it again?

[Have just been informed by Pants that she found my comments in her spam folder. As a committed vegetarian, of all things I really really really don’t want to be spam! Is there any way of getting de-spammed?] [Plus that doesn’t explain why I can’t post a new thread to the board]

How quickly we forget!

I’m still going through my old blog posts tagging and categorising them, and I’ve been really amused at reliving various forgotten experiences (not to mention all-night essay writing, whoever would have thought of such a thing?! Ahem). But, bizarrely, I have also read quite detailed entries where at the end of it I’ve thought “You know? I have absolutely no idea what I was on about there”. One was of an attempt to contact someone from Bucharest a couple of years ago whom I thought would be really important and useful for my fieldwork. Who on earth was that? They obviously weren’t that important and useful.

I hope my memory isn’t this bad when it comes to my viva.


Some people may have noticed a bit of a dulling around here.  There hasn’t really been anything earth-shattering to write about.  The study day yesterday went well – the bit I co-facilitated generated plenty of interesting discussion, the second half was a bit over my head but OK, and we had lots of cake provided.  Which isn’t ideal from the losing-weight perspective, but hopefully just one day won’t have too much of a negative impact on my (already large) waistline.

I’ve been seeing lots of photos and hearing about lots of people in the UK having snow, and it all looking lovely and fluffy.  Here a few days ago I counted two whole flakes, but that is all we have seen up here.  Today it is chucking it down with rain and howling a gale, and the most exciting thing we have done is get some stuff out of storage (without entirely planning where in the Stately Pile we would actually put it).  I’m now trying to ignore HD’s tidying spurt, as eventually this means I shall have to tidy up some of the piles of random crappage of my stuff, that I’ve been putting off for ever.

So anyway, nothing to worry about if you don’t see me blogging for a bit – I just don’t want to bore either of my readers to death!

[By the way, my baptism of the keyboard did unfortunately turn out to have been a drowning.  Fortunately my department is rubbish at throwing old stuff away, and I was able to swipe the keyboard from the PC of a student who finished her PhD nearly 2 years ago.  I’m slightly put out that it doesn’t match the PC now, but I suppose I can’t really complain after my clumsiness!]