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Still here

… just being boring and unblogworthy.

I had supervision this evening after work; this is the first time I’ve been back to university since starting my job. It felt very strange being back, but was good to get some positive feedback on the chapter and to talk about something other than the colour/consistency/amount of nappy contents*.

What was encouraging was that my supervisors both felt that with the thesis as it is now – all the chapters except the Introduction and Conclusion in draft form – if my deadline was the end of the year they would be more or less happy for me to submit it, and would expect a tough viva and considerable corrections, but not a fail. What I’m doing instead (aiming to submit next summer) is revising and rerevising to make the viva a more positive experience and to ultimately have fewer corrections. So I felt good about that, although there is still a fair bit of work to do. We also started throwing a few names of potential examiners around – it’s starting to get a bit more real now!

In other news, last night at our least successful book group yet, 3 people (none of whom had read the book and at least one hadn’t started it) didn’t come, and of the 3 of us that did go, one had nearly finished (few pages to go), one (the one who is usually ultrakeen and reads the book and several others beside in the time it takes me to manage a few chapters) was only a quarter of the way through due to the book arriving late from amazon, and I had been so snowed under with marking essays and writing the chapter that I hadn’t even bought, never mind read the book. So we have decided to stick with the same book for the next time we meet, and hopefully more of us will have read it by then. I really like my book group, it’s full of unscary people who are human and not book obsessives. I’d find that sort of group a bit stressful. Ours is as much about eating cake and drinking tea as it is reading the book 🙂

* can you tell I’m loving the new job.

Bank Holiday

I have enjoyed reading about everybody’s Bank Holiday (at least in the UK) adventures. Unfortunately, the most exciting thing we did on Bank Holiday Monday was wander on down to the greengrocer to stock up on veg, and we managed to get wet just doing that – so yes, typical Bank Holiday weather up here anyway. We’re so rock’n’roll.

We went for a curry on Sunday night, and so just for my own future reference: spicy vegetable korma / Indian vegetable curry both recommended. Mmmmm. I think the nan breads are getting even bigger.

Today after work I went to my book group, having once again not managed to read the book. Fortunately it is not a scary book group so this was not a problem. I do honestly mean to read the book each time, and usually manage it, but as I am getting busier at work and more stressed the thought of having to get to know a whole new lot of characters and potentially get emotionally involved in a draining story means that I keep putting off starting books until it is too late. I’m a bit like that with films too – unless I’ve seen them already and know I like them, or if it’s one I really really really want to see, I find it difficult to commit to sitting down and watching a film (I think HD finds this a bit frustrating, which is understandable). I still do mean to read the book we’ve just discussed (the others in the group are pretty good at not giving spoilers), as they did rate this as a good one (it’s Irene Nemirovsky’s “Suite Francaise”). Unfortunately we now have to move on, and having pulled a title out of the box that none of us had heard of (I think it might have been suggested ages ago by a member of the group who moved to Dundee a few months ago) it is time for a new start. I have just been on to amazon and read the reviews, let’s just say I have a feeling it might be another “Shadow of the Wind” experience. Fortunately there were lots of 1p copies. I read out one of the reviews to HD and he laughed. We both know I’m going to hate this one. Sigh.