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My daemon (allegedly)

I have posted this video everywhere else so I may as well post it here too! I first found it on the zooborns blog a couple of days ago (there’s a link to zooborns in my blogroll), and Ian posted it on facebook earlier today too. When HD and I were watching it he said he reckons my Daemon is a sloth. Actually I think he might be right.


Kids say the cutest things

One thing I meant to blog, and nearly forgot, was that now that my niece is fast approaching 3 (how did that happen?!) she is talking 10 to the dozen and you know how it is when kids talk, sometimes they come out with just the cutest things. So I wanted to put a few down for posterity, before she grows up and talks proper like what I do, and we forget them all. Mostly it’s odd words that she almost gets right that I really like. For example, “animals” are “amelies”, and Piglet from Winnie the Pooh is “Pliblet”. Slightly unfortunately, “ice cubes” are currently “ice pubes” (I confess, we did laugh, as we’re ever so mature in my family), but my favourite, and the cutest, has to be “lobsters” which forevermore and from henceforth will always be known as “blobsters”.