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Happy New – ooh, shiny!

Thanks everybody for your lovely comments while I’ve been away. I’m finally back at the Stately Pile after just over a week away, and was relieved to get back and find the flat still intact (I’ve done this since I was a little girl, but whenever I go away, I always turn the corner into my street and expect to see a giant crater where my flat/house used to be. As usual, everything was exactly where I left it, including sadly the pile of essays which are still waiting to be marked. Sigh – I wouldn’t have minded them disappearing down a giant crater).

It’s been a busy old week – to my mum and dad’s for Christmas Day, then to HD’s parents for Boxing Day (I survived – yay, in the end I decided against the blowtorch idea), then back to my parents for the day after. It was the big Meeting-The-Parents-For-The-First-Time thing for both of us (well, obviously we’d met our own parents before, but you know what I mean), and a fair few members of my extended family all called in to check him out wish us a happy Christmas. The next day it was up to Manchester as at the end of last week we were going to a wedding of friends I know from Scotland (amongst other places) (was that discreet enough?!) which was fabulous. Lots of kilts, ceilidh, wine, great people, and food (not necessarily in that order). On Saturday we called in to see a friend of mine from school who now lives in Manchester, where I caught up with her husband and older son (now 7 – I last saw them when he was 4) and met her 2 year old twin boys for the first time. Having been used to nieces (1 of mine and 3 of HD’s) it felt like a bit of an adjustment suddenly watching boys playing and generally not being girly, but it was brilliant to catch up with R again. After that we headed on over to York, where we were spending New Year, and picked up this: Ooh, shiny!

😀 At some point I might lose the goofy grin. But not just yet 😀

York was great. We saw in the new year standing outside the Minster, with fake champagne and plastic shot glasses (a last minute purchase, so we weren’t able to stretch to plastic champagne flutes, but it was much better than swigging from the bottle which was the other alternative). 5 minutes after midnight we amazingly managed to spot the friends we were meant to be meeting (it was very crowded indeed!), and we went for lunch at theirs (and supper too, rather cheekily) later in the day. I think I have a good photo of the Minster, but I haven’t downloaded my photos yet, so I might post that one tomorrow.

Anyway. Happy New Year to you all – thanks for reading my witterings, and I look forward to everybody’s comments and news in 2007. May it be a peaceful and happy year for you all.