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Better late than never

Dear my WISE giftee, I will be posting the gift tomorrow, so it should be with you Thursday or Friday. A million apologies for the delay.

In other news, yesterday’s seminar was OK. Not brilliant, but not embarrassing, and I had some useful feedback from my supervisors. So tomorrow I shall spend time rehashing the talk (I need to cut out about a third of it as it was too long, and think about how to make some bits sound less descriptive). It’s looking like I won’t make *too* much of a fool of myself at the conference. Which is always good, I find.

I’ve just had a really funny Google hit. “The end of the world is nigh essay”. Boy do I know that feeling.

Essay giggles

I’m still giggling that one of the students has included me in the bibliography. Yes, that would be me, who has published nothing, academic or otherwise, on the topic of the essay. Or on any other topic yet, come to mention it. I know students are sometimes advised to quote their lecturers to flatter their egos in the hope of getting better marks, but that is just classic!


It’s nearly 2 in the morning. I have just emailed my work to my supervisors. I’m too old for this. Next time I’ll be much more organised ……. yeah right.

And what’s even better – because I’ve been writing so much, I’ve not had any time to pack for going away, so I’m going to have to get up in 3 hours time so that I can pack before I go. Blergh. I hope HD isn’t expecting intellectual and/or scintillating conversation, I doubt I’ll be capable of much more than “wibble”.


I have just this minute emailed the dratted essay to my supervisors (I expect they will have great fun reading it tomorrow, presumably just after the Queen’s Speech). Note to self: you are too old to get up at 4.30 am to finish essays. Be more organised in future*

I’m going to be offline now until Jan 2nd – I’m flying down south this afternoon (thankfully not to Heathrow, so hopefully I won’t be affected by the week’s earlier fog-related chaos) and then wending my way slowly back up north next week via Manchester for a wedding and York for New Year. So I wish you all a very happy Christmas, thanks for another year of fun blogging (this would be so boring if it was just me writing, it’s you lot reading and commenting which make this such a fun thing to do), and I hope that you have a very happy, peaceful and blessed new year. See you in ’07!

* Of course, I have never ever had to tell myself this before. Er …

Too much information

The essay (yes, I’m still writing it. I know.) has reached that crucial point. You know, that crucial point where the number of cups of tea consumed during tea breaks tips you over the edge and means you have to run to the loo every 10 minutes because you’re bursting.

There’s nothing for it. I shall just have to eat lots of chocolate in an attempt to soak up the tea.

In other related news, somebody found my blog by googling “essay about a senseless world”. I feel your pain. Really, I do.


I realise I haven’t done much blogging recently about studenty stuff (which was the original purpose of this blog), so here’s a little thing to redress that balance a bit.

Bibliographies. I don’t know what it is about them, but there’s something so satisfying about producing one (especially if it’s a long one). Possibly because they can be a bit fiddly (note to self: get EndNote), I get such a sense of achievement when I’ve finally done it.

Of course, my biggest fear is that having done the Bibliography, I’m lulled into a false sense of security that I’ve understood what the various books, articles and websites were actually saying. You also have to be careful that, having produced a 3 page Bibliography, you don’t forget that you also have to actually write the essay as well. That one gets me quite a lot, I must admit – writing that list of books feels like *just* the same as having written the essay, so then it feels like quite an effort to then get down to writing something coherent that isn’t just a list. But I do recommend doing the Bibliography first, then your assignment doesn’t necessarily feel so daunting as you’ve already done 3 pages.

Sometimes I really can’t believe I’m doing a PhD. I must be having a laugh.

And another thing …

Seeing as this blog is meant to be about my student experience – thought I’d add that I got an email from my Faculty office today telling me that that last essay I wrote (the one I handed in over a week late without arranging an extension, because I couldn’t get into it and thought it was rubbish when I did eventually get round to writing it at way after the last minute) got 76%! I’m not sure if that includes the marks that would have been taken off for handing it in late, but whatever – I just can’t get my head round this at all. If I’d had to mark it I would have given it a much lower mark (that is, if I’d got to the end without falling asleep or wanting to take out my eyes with a spoon or something). So now I’m worrying that I’ve been giving my 1st years too low a mark for their essays.

Gah, why am I worrying about 1st year essays now? I haven’t got to mark any more till Christmas and I’m on holiday! Must.Get.A.Life.

“It is finished!”

The essay, that is.

It’s not very good, and it’s dull in the extreme (I’m soooooooo bored with it!) but it’s finished, which right now is all I care about, and it means it’s less than a week late (whoops).

Only a week to go till the Russian exam. Oh hooray.