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It’s the flapjack recipe again

Miss Lisa requested my flapjack recipe, and this time I managed to find it in the archives, so here it is pretty much copied and pasted:

Ingredients (this amount will fill a normal sized roasting tin):

8oz (250g) butter
8oz (250g) soft brown sugar
1lb (500g) golden syrup
1lb (500g) porridge oats
blackberries (amount unspecified – just drop them into the mixture till it looks like you’ve got enough – but 200-250g sounds about right)

1. Preheat oven to Gas Mark 3 (170 degrees C).
2. Melt the butter in a pan over moderate heat, then add the sugar and syrup; keep on heating and stirring until the mixture is smooth and no sugar grains can be seen.
3. Stir in the oats and mix thoroughly together.
4. Stir in the blackberries.
5. Lightly grease the baking tin, then spoon in the mixture, flattening it into a layer about 1cm thick.
6. Bake for 30 minutes until a rich brown*.
7. Cool for 5 minutes and then cut into fingers. Remove from the tin when cold.
8. Store in an airtight tin (or handy piece of tupperware!). Will keep fresh for up to 3 weeks.

* except that with the blackberries the rich brown will be somewhat, uh, purple-ish.

This is pretty much what I did from memory last week and they came out a bit soggy – I think I might have had them in the oven slightly less than 30 minutes. I’m going to make some more tomorrow, but will be pushing the boat out and using raspberries instead. Talk about living on the edge 🙂

Sad day

Today was our curate’s last Sunday at church before going to be the rector for a group of churches elsewhere in Scotland. I’m really glad her last day was today and not next week, as it meant I could take part in the various goodbyes. I’m really sad to see her go, she’s lovely and very talented and will be a big loss to us, not to mention a big reason why I settled at St Frodo’s so quickly. Obviously I wish her well and am sure she’ll soon come to be much loved by her new congregations. I have made it clear though that I shall be inviting myself over, it will be good to keep up with her as well as to explore other parts of the country, which I’ve hardly done any of since being here. I’ll have to rectify that next year – Glasgow’s great, but there’s so much more to this country that I’ve not experienced at all yet.

We won’t be getting another full-time curate, although our NSM deacon is priested at the end of September so he will carry on some of the work. Today he was valiantly washing up after the parish lunch (he tells me it’s one of the deacon’s main duties). I made flapjacks which wibloggers will be pleased to know were very well received – not blackberry ones (I haven’t found a local source), but anyway I haven’t lost my touch. No doubt they’ll make an appearance at Greenbelt again – mainly because I’m hopeless at baking, and flapjacks are the only edible pudding that I make that keep (the only other edible pudding I do, heart-attack-on-a-plate, involves lots of whipped cream which I can imagine after a couple of days in the tent at the end of August would probably become slushy-food-poisoning-on-a-plate).

Rather embarrassingly, today at church I wore a skirt and put my hair up, and a couple of people said (genuinely) they hadn’t recognised me at first. I’m such a lady, obviously. Sigh.